Legal Representation Always Pays Off When Criminal Tax Fraud Charges Have Been Made

As many taxpayers have discovered, the Internal Revenue Service can be a formidable adversary. Once the IRS becomes convinced that required taxes have not been paid, the agency can fight for years until a balance is settled.

Should any evidence of fraud be discovered in the course of an audit or other interaction with the IRS, the prognosis will generally be even grimmer. Getting in touch with a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney for Tax Fraud as soon as even the hint of suspicion becomes evident will always be wise for taxpayers in the area.

When It Comes to Legal Representation for Tax Fraud, Earlier is Always Better

Some taxpayers put off taking this important step for overly long, and that will almost always be costly. Hoping that things would resolve themselves naturally and amicably, far too many taxpayers have ended up with criminal tax fraud convictions.

It will always be better to call Hope Lefeber or another area attorney who is ready and willing to defend a client against fraud charges that could result from an IRS investigation. A criminal defense lawyer who understands the issues and stakes can make long-lasting consequences of very negative kinds of a lot less likely.

Many Who Face Tax Fraud Charges are Innocent

Surprisingly to many people, tax fraud charges will often be leveled against those who are actually innocent. What counts as an honest mistake and what could rise to the level of criminal behavior can differ from one party to the next. As a look at the resources at will make clear, issues like the following can sometimes cause a taxpayer to faces charges of fraud and tax evasion:

Under-reporting of income. The IRS expects that every taxpayer will always provide an honest, full accounting of all sources of income. This is true even of those types of income where another party is not responsible for submitting its own reckoning. Especially for contractors and small business owners, it is easily possible to overlook certain types and streams of income. Should the pattern of doing so appear fraudulent and intentional in the eyes of IRS investigators, criminal charges could follow.

Unjustified deductions. The same kinds of problems can arise with regard to the deductions that so many taxpayers rely upon. Failing to report a business’s expenses accurately enough could even cause the IRS to refer the matter to a prosecutor.

In situations like these and others, it will always be wise to get in touch with an attorney who is ready to help. Doing so will inevitably be the best way to avoid the serious consequences that can follow upon a conviction for tax fraud.


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